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  • Cast iron pipes have more standing high pressure resistance to wear & tear.
  • Cast iron pipes have more resistance to corrosion.
  •  Cast iron pipes have more resistance to abrasion from any type of disposal residue.
  • Cast iron pipes have more resistance to temperature.
  • Cast Iron Pies are the only practicle choice for drainage
Welcome to Our Foundry :
About Us
With the objective to serve across the industry verticals, we, Singhal Iron Foundary Pvt. Ltd., are one of the leading manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of high quality C.I. Soil Pipes Fittings and Manhole Covers under the brand name and style of ''SKF''. Our wide range of products includes Cast Iron Centrifugal Pipe and Fittings, Sand Cast Iron Pipes and Fittings, Cast Iron and Ductile Iron Manhole covers and gratings. Most of our products are ISI marked and are being manufactured strictly following the norms of Bureau of Indian Standard Code IS:1729-2002 and IS: 3989-2009. Continuously monitored by a highly skilled and professional team, our products are 100% tested and leak proof. Our flagship Registered trademark “SKF” has been known for its excellent quality and commitment and reliability since decades.
Ever since its inception, Singhal Iron Foundry has been redefining the foundry market. The company has been continuously expanding and now has established one of the most modern centrifugal casting units in India. The dynamic and undying spirit has helped us achieve the reputation of leading edge manufacturer of CI pipes, fittings and manhole covers. With our dedication and hard work we are ready to set new standards and win customers heart with a flawless mix of quality and value for money.
Why Us?
We stand ahead from many organizations, owing to the following factors:
  • Efficient workforce
  • Diverse range of products
  • Customer centric approach
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing unit
  • Unmatched quality
  • Customized solutions
  • Timely delivery of consignments
  • Competitive pricing
  Sales Volume:  500 million INR  
  Installed Capacity:   10000 Metric Tonnes\  
  Website:  www.skfci.com  
  Year of Establishment:   1958  
  • Products:
  • Cast Iron Centrifugal Pipes and Fittings Under BIS code IS:3989-2009
  • Cast Iron Sand Cast Pipes and Fittings Under BIS code IS:1729-2002
  • Hub less Pipes and Fittings as per BIS  code IS: 15905-2011
  • Cast Iron Manhole Covers and Gratings (Sizes up to 900mm square and round)
  • Ductile Iron Manhole Covers and Gratings (Sizes up to 900mm square and round)
List Of Companies In our Group
  Singhal Iron Foundry Pvt. Ltd.            Mfg. Of CI Pipes and Fittings
  Farah Ice and Cold Storage Pvt. Ltd. :               Cold Warehouse
  Sushil Housing Pvt. Ltd. :                                   Real Estate Development
  Status Sanitech Pvt. Ltd. :                                  Mfg of C.P. Bathroom Tapes & Fittings
  Sarvotam Plumbing Pvt. Ltd. :                           Trading of C.P. Bathroom Tapes & Fittings