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Welcome to Why Only SKF:
Cast iron pipe & fittings are most suitable for the application in soil, waste, ventilation and rainwater disposal in a building’s drainage system. It has very strong record, proven over a long period of time for its durability, long life, high impact strength, fire resistance, temperature resistance, cost effectiveness, maintenance free and being environment friendly compared to other substitute such as UPvc pipes & fittings.
It is so powerful in strength that in some of the building (more than 80/100 years old) of local corporations / development authorities in Delhi, Mumbai & other cities in India, it is found that the cast iron pipes & fittings used are not only serving the purpose of drainage system but also acts as a supporting strength for the civil structure, Hence, C.I. pipes & fittings are always a first choice of local corporation & development authorities for their projects instead of uPVC products.
  Comparision Between Cast Iron , AC & SWR PVC Pipes
Sr. Parameter AC Pipes SWR PVC Pipes C.I. Send Cast Pipes
1. Durability Relatively Less Much Less Very High
2. Expected Life 5 - 7 Year 5 - 7 Year Life Time
3. Strenght Low Very Low Hig
4. Maintenance Frequent Less Nil
5. Installation Time High Loss Minimum
6. Fire / Heat Resistance Low Very Low Good
7. System Cost Over Building High Very High Minimum
8. Resale Value R Nil Nil Better
9. HygienceH Low Low Best
Thus Cast Iron is:
  • Superior corrosion resistance to soil, waste water & Chemicals.
  • Also Superior Atmospheric weathering & corrosion resistence.
  • High compressive strenght & beam load bearing capacity.
  • Smooth inner surfaces giving better flow characteristics.
  • Environment Friendly as fully recyclable.
  • Better Asthetic look