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Why Only SKF :-

All our products are manufactured with most modern techniques available in the country and all our products pass through some of the most stringent tests laid.



  • Raw Material procurement i.e. Coal and Cast Iron. The same is checked chemically to get perfect yield for CI grade FG 150 as per IS:210
  • Both the above raw material are melted in cupola furnace. The molten metal is constantly checked through ‘Instant Analyser’ to measure Carbon Equivalent in metal.
  • Fluxes are added to maintain a C.E. Of +4.25. On finding  the standardisation in molten metal,  a cast bar is casted for lab analysis.
  • Finally on meeting all the parameters the molten metal is forwarded to shop floor for casting of pipes and fittings.
  • The final castings are then visually inspected for surface finish and proper casting. The same is then hammered to remove edges/burrs from the casting.
  • The casting is then hammer tested to hear clear ringing sound and test checked to see cut ability.
  • Castings are then brushed and grinded to give it a smooth surface finish and prepare for painting.
  • Castings are then put to hydrostatic tests individually under pressure of 0.07Mpa (N/mm2) to check the signs of leakage swelling and other defects of any kind.
  • Finally the castings are painted Black inside and Red outside. After the paint is dried, the same is tested hard enough not to flow when exposed to temperature of 650C but not so brittle to chip off at temperature of 00C.
  • After the satisfaction in all respect of above, the Dimensions and Weight of the Casting are checked and on finding OK, the same is stamped with appropriate marking and sent to stock yard for dispatch.
  • Pipes and fittings which are found failed in any of above inspection and could not be rectified, the same are issued to melting furnace for re-melting.




  • Suitable for the application of soil waste and ventilation and rain water disposal in the building drainage system.
  • Product confirm the requirements respective BIS codes. Available in the nominal dia of : 50 mm to 200 mm.


  • C- 3.5% to 3.75%
  • Si- 1.8% to 2.3%
  • CE- 4.3%


  • Material Grade- FG 150 as per IS:210
  • Density- 7.15 kg/m3 as per IS:1729
  • Tensile Strength- 150 N/m2 Minimum
  • Hardness- 215 HB maximum as per IS:1500


  • Hammer test for emit clear  ringing soundness of casting.
  • Hydrostatic test (internal) for not leakage on minimum pressure of  0.7 kg/cm2 for least 15 sec. time.
  • Coating test for no  brittle at 0 Degree C and  on flow up  to 65 Degree C temperature